A Daily Shower

The simple things in life are so immensely enjoyable if we take the time to notice and appreciate them. Unfortunate accidents happen, we can get mad or we can take them in stride and laugh, it is our choice. As I went through the worst of treatment, one of my goals everyday was to take […]

Dancing with Cancer

In all long battles, the struggle becomes a dance.  The mood lightens and darkens, the tempo shifts and on occasion, the one leading changes.  I like the metaphor of dancing with cancer more than fighting.   If we dance for a long time and we are too tired to continue, then the dance is over. But if […]

The Bubble

Sometimes you need to give yourself permission to let go of fear and worry. The internet can lead to exhaustion for cancer patients. When I was first diagnosed with cancer I spent an enormous amount of time searching the internet.  I wanted to know more about my diagnosis.  I wanted to know more about my […]

Telling People

Words are sometimes over rated.  When someone tells you they have suffered a tragedy, or that they have a serious health condition there is no magical response.  There is no single right thing to say, as a matter of fact, less is often more.  Be present in that moment and listen carefully, feeling heard is […]